Post date: May 29, 2013 11:18:7 PM

Since last Fall season, I have been very busy taking care of my "handler" Mary, who has been recovering from emergency facial surgery.

...I have missed communicating and visiting with my friends and socializing at public gatherings, but when you look at my recent pictures of me reading to Mary; and, having her practice her daily, positive affirmation; you can see that me being at her side, has been the most important job I could have now-a-days.

...Along with reading to Mary, I tried to be as adorable as possible, posing, singing, kissing Mary and, at night, keeping Mary warm with my furry body.

...To this day, I am still receiving WOW compliments from people, who were amazed how a little Pug dog, like me, could be such a powerful guard dog, protecting Mary, whenever someone knocked at her door. Nobody could see Mary until they were approved by me.

...I feel so needed and important today! So friends, Mary is now better and we both will be out and about again. Hope to see you soon!

Love and kisses from Twinkle