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What We Do

Twinkle and I are a unique, pet therapy team that is able to bring joy and hope to others. Our goal is to give love. 

   Dogs have a uncanny sense of purpose.  Twinkle just knows the need .

    It takes a special kind of dog to be a pet therapist.  Twinkle had to undergo a stringent training and testing process in order to be certified through the National Capital Therapy Dogs Inc., organization.

    Dogs are a gift to people.  They have an instinct.  If someone is extremely needy, I see her inch closer and I watch  their face and I can see the stress in their face just relax.



What I would bring to your convention or executive training meeting:

· Inspiration to succeed

· Humor

· Entertainment

· Joy

· Happiness

· Affirmative action

· Volunteerism interest

· Integrity