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What Others Say

Deputy Commander of a Renowned Military Medical Center: “Mary Berard’s achievements while working in the Army Community Services office over the years have been nothing less than legendary.  Whether the task was hosting special events with VIPs; assisting soldiers, patients, or their families with relocation issues; coordinating complex events with diverse stakeholders; or briefing multiple General Officer/Senior Executive Service audiences, she always impressed me with her devoted dedication to duty, technical acumen, and passion for her work.  Mary has made significant contributions to the Army Medical Community by enhancing  the quality of life for both soldiers and civilians alike.”

A hospital patient battling pulmonary disease: “Today something told me to get up, take a shower, get dressed early and this was the reason because I was gonna get to see Twinkle.  Truly, it made my day.”

A registered nurse who says pet therapy works: “ I think animals have a way of bringing out the best part of people.  It makes them want to go home.  It makes them want to get on with their life.”